The Night Before Race #1

It has been raining all day, and we are supposed to run a 5K tomorrow: the Belle Isle New Year’s Eve RumIt’s not that cold, but it’s wet. Yuck! It’s not supposed to rain, and the temp should be 39 degrees.
My biggest dilemma was finding appropriate clothes. I hate being cold, but I heat up rather quickly.
I’m excited to begin my year of races!


Life imitates fiction

Somehow our home improvement projects always end up like the If You Give a _____ a ________ books by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond.

“If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw. He’ll hang up his drawing and stand back to look at it. Looking at the refrigerator will remind him that he’s thirsty. So… he’ll ask for a glass of milk. And chances are if he asks you for a glass of milk, he’s going to want a cookie to go with it.”

In our case, a leaky toilet is leading to a complete remodel of the master bath. It’s not that this project isn’t warranted; it’s been on our to-do list since we moved in 6 years ago. However, it has always been on the bottom half of the list. But leaky toilets have a way of reordering things. Oy!

Given that this project was not planned, I have had to reign in my ideas and plans. First, this meant deleting most of the items from my Bathroom bookmarks folder. I had to look long and hard at what we could keep and what had to be replaced. The vanity and countertop were going to be a HUGE expense. The current ones are in acceptable shape except that the laminate is falling apart on the border. Our contractor told me we could remove the border and tile the area instead. Then we wouldn’t have to replace the entire thing, saving lots of $$$. We are also using the same tile as in our downstairs bathroom, not just because we like it, but because it’s in our budget and we have enough left over that we don’t have to purchase a whole lot more.

I am ok with the fact that my house will never be a show house. We don’t choose to spend our money that way. What I want is for my house to be clean, comfortable, and welcoming without going broke. If this means that I have to tell the mouse No More Cookies after I give him a glass of milk, so be it.

Ease into 5K–week 7 review

I did something this week I’ve never done before: run 3 miles without a walk break. This was week 7 of Ease into 5K, and I was able to run past the allotted time. I know I should have probably bumped up my speed and run within the time frame of the app, but I was so excited to see the mileage increasing! Part of the issue is that I still start out really really slow and slowly slowly pick up the pace. This is because I don’t want to risk tiring myself out before the interval is complete. As I come to know my body better, I will be able to adjust my speed and pacing accordingly.

I have two weeks of training before the NYE 5K I’m running with R. I feel comfortable with where I am, and will use the next two weeks to GENTLY push myself a little. The biggest challenge of the race will be that it’s not  on a treadmill. Due to child care and schedules, I am pretty exclusively a treadmill runner. I will begin playing around with the incline a little, as well as increasing my speed.

Having started and stopped the program at least twice before, sometimes going weeks between workouts, I can see a HUGE difference how consistency has drastically improved my running.

Run Test #1

This afternoon I completed my first 30 minute run test. I ran 2.38 miles on the treadmill. The goal is to complete one run test each month. Hopefully, each month my distance will increase a little bit.

By the numbers:

–walk speed 3.0 mph

–run speeds from 5.0-5.5 mph (mainly running at 5.0-5.2)

–walk breaks 1 minute