Ease into 5K–week 7 review

I did something this week I’ve never done before: run 3 miles without a walk break. This was week 7 of Ease into 5K, and I was able to run past the allotted time. I know I should have probably bumped up my speed and run within the time frame of the app, but I was so excited to see the mileage increasing! Part of the issue is that I still start out really really slow and slowly slowly pick up the pace. This is because I don’t want to risk tiring myself out before the interval is complete. As I come to know my body better, I will be able to adjust my speed and pacing accordingly.

I have two weeks of training before the NYE 5K I’m running with R. I feel comfortable with where I am, and will use the next two weeks to GENTLY push myself a little. The biggest challenge of the race will be that it’s not  on a treadmill. Due to child care and schedules, I am pretty exclusively a treadmill runner. I will begin playing around with the incline a little, as well as increasing my speed.

Having started and stopped the program at least twice before, sometimes going weeks between workouts, I can see a HUGE difference how consistency has drastically improved my running.


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