Race #1 Recap–Belle Isle 5k

New Years Eve Fun Run

Time: 40:53

A little disappointing. I wanted a sub-40:00 finish, but it was not to be. I trained exclusively on the treadmill with no incline, and it put me at a huge disadvantage.  I did, however, run the entire thing! I think I would have been faster doing run/walk intervals, but I really want to be able to run 3 miles nonstop, so I did!

Weather: 39 degrees, cloudy, NOT rainy

Course: Belle Isle, Detroit

a beautiful island in the city. For much of the course, we ran along the St. Clair River looking across to Windsor, Ontario Canada.


This was hard; much harder than I thought it would be. Running with others is an entirely different experience. I couldn’t stop comparing myself.

I have a HUGE mental hurdle to overcome re: being a runner. After my treadmill workouts at the Y, I feel pumped and excited about running. Before, during and after this race, however, I felt like a failure. Why wasn’t all of my training showing more results?

Where do I go from here?:

Changes to training: increase incline on treadmill to 1%; go faster earlier and gradually increase length of time at desired pace; increase runs to 4 miles; develop and maintain stretching program;

What’s next:

Race #2 is on January 21. It’s the #twitterroadrace, organized by Doug Cassaro.


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