Go The Distance–Week 2

Well, this week was a 100% improvement over last week. I doubled my miles walked/ran. Ok, so that’s not really saying much considering I went from 3 to 6, but I haven’t given up yet! Two trips to the doctor, one for me one for a kid, cut into two of my exercise windows. Then, all those January resolution people at the Y had the nerve to bring their kids to Child Watch, so my third time was cut short. Oh well. C’est la Vie!

BUT…I did drink more water this week–meeting my goal of 64 oz. five days out of seven. I love the Waterlogged app for my phone. It is an easy way to keep track of my drinking habit–when, where, and how much.

The best news of the week is that, as I write this, the delivery guys are downstairs right now! setting up our new TREADMILL!!! It is a combination Christmas and birthday gift for me and R from me and R. I’m so excited! I am a treadmill girl; it’s my preferred way to run. Truth be told, I don’t think I would have joined Go The Distance if I didn’t know I was getting one.

In better fitness news, I have kept up with my daily planks, thanks to #PlankADay. My current streak is 11 days!

Looking forward to week 3 (well technically I’m already here, but bear with me)…I have three days blocked out for cardio. I also plan to do at least one yoga or pilates class. Saturday is the #twitterroadrace. So, all in all, I should be able to make my weekly goal, and even add a mile or two to get me back on track.


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