Race #2–#TwitterRoadRace, January 21

Due to unexpected travel and, I was unable to do the original race I planned for January 7. Luckily, there was a virtual 5k, the TwitterRoadRace, happening on January 21. Perfect! I had planned to run the race on my brand new treadmill, which ended up being both good and bad.

Good: I didn’t have to brave the snow, slush, and ice. I was able to fit it in around our family calendar (soccer, basketball, sledding). I got so sick of staring at our piles of laundry that I had a rockin’ Saturday night laundry washing and folding party.

Bad: three words–brand new treadmill! This treadmill and I are just starting our relationship. We are just getting to know each other. I still have to think to push the speed and incline buttons. This is unlike my old friend treadmills at the Y. I know how to push their buttons. 😉 On my treadmill (I’m still deciding on her name), I am still getting the feel of the belt, the balance, and the rate of increasing/decreasing speed and incline.

My final time was 40:25.It was a run/walk affair. I find it hard to run slowly on the treadmill, so I have to use walk breaks. When I run outside, however, I can slow to a turtle jog to recover. 

Overall, I was neither pleased nor disappointed with my performance and results. It is a good first of the year number to have, and as I continue to practice, I will be able to use it as a measure of my growth and development as a runner.



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