Quote of the day

If you want to be a better runner, you’ve got to run more. It’s as simple as that. -Tom Fleming #MondayMotivation

So this quote struck me as painfully obvious and extremely thought provoking. What does better look like for me? How will I know when I am a better runner? Is it the habit of running more? Yes, that’s one measure. Is it when I get faster, and beat those goals I have floating in the back of my mind? Maybe. Is it when I can run longer, finally completing a half- or full marathon? Perhaps.
At this point in my life and training, the most important measure of becoming a better runner is the process of learning to think of running as I do reading–something I do at the expense of other things because I really truly enjoy it and get something out of it. I will run more because I want to give my body the chance to learn to love running and want to do it. It’s the same way some kids become readers because they are given consistent time and space to read, and support from others who are readers. I need to give my body consistent time and space to run so that it may learn what it likes and doesn’t like. I have not yet found the race/pace/interval workout/playlist that will flip my running switch, but I am setting out on the journey to find it. The best part is, even if I never find it, I will still be a runner.