Embracing fall

I am learning to love fall again. As a kid, I loved fall. School, Halloween, Thanksgiving–Fall had it going on! It is the closest season to Christmas and my birthday, so fall was also a time of great anticipation. As an adult, however, fall became a season filled with dread. Each sunny warm day became the last one before winter. Each cold rainy grey day became a taste of what the next three months will be. I stopped loving fall for being fall; instead I resented it for bringing me closer to winter, which in Michigan means lots of grey. In fact, I allowed my fear of the cold and grey rob me of the joy of celebrating those wonderful fall holidays and traditions to their fullest.

Fall also served as a bitter reminder of how little I accomplished on my new year’s goals and resolutions.

Well, this year is DIFFERENT! I am embracing Fall in all of it’s glory and guts. I am not thinking ahead to winter; I am staying in fall.  Instead of fretting about how much I didn’t accomplish in 2012, I am living fully and in the moment.

  • I am exercising regularly. (The holiday season will be much more pleasant if I am already in an exercise routine.)
  • I am creating a home.  (Winter means a lot more time indoors. I have a better sense of what I need to make my home a refuge for me and my family, and a plan for making it happen.)
  • I am listening.



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