Fall Goal #1: HOME

Yesterday I had a feng shui consultation in my home. I have struggled for years to make my home feel like a home. I have tried various organizational tricks, etc. but nothing has stuck. This time, I decided to look at my home not as a thing, but as an entity–something that gives and receives energy; something that grows and supports our growth. What I really wanted to do was to learn how to support my home in providing all the things we want from it.

The process was interesting. Having a fresh set of eyes look at our lives (through our home) was helpful. The reorganization of the living room provided an IMMEDIATE positive effect. I also learned that the most balanced room in our house is the easiest to keep clean, and it is one of my favorite places to be. It’s the dining room. It’s our most boldly colored room, and it is the one that feels most like it belongs in a home. The living room is getting there. It needs some art, plants, and a mirror, but it’s almost there.

There is still a long long way to go, but I feel like I’ve got a road map. I know what I would like each room/ the entire house to feel like/be, and I’ve got a guide to help get me there.

Fall Goal #2: EXERCISE

I am continuing to exercise regularly. I have been walking/running consistently–no more than 2 days in between sessions. I have also been doing nightly mini-strength/stretch/yoga sessions (5-15 minutes). I can feel myself sitting up straighter with my regular push-up routine.



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