Race Recap–Belle Isle 5K

New Years Eve Fun Run


Time: 44:01

Very disappointing. I wanted a sub-40:00 finish, but it was not to be.

Weather: 30 degrees, cloudy, dry sky

Course: Belle Isle, Detroit

The course was AWFUL! It was not plowed. It was snowy, slushy, icy. I (and many other runners) thought it would be plowed since we were running on the street. I was unable to enjoy the view of the river or Canada because I was too busy making sure I didn’t enjoy a hospital visit on NYE.


This was by far the worst race I have ever run. The conditions of the course meant that I never found a suitable pace or rhythm. I was unable to run the whole thing because bracing myself and balancing on the snow/slush/ice was hurt and I needed walk breaks to recover. Then, I couldn’t time/pace my walk breaks efficiently because they needed to be in response to the road conditions.

I ran hard for a few intervals, and felt really good. Like I could have kept going if I wasn’t preoccupied with not falling and ruining my Running Year!

The one thing I did much better this year was not comparing myself to other runners. I am where I am, and I’m getting where I want to be.

Where do I go from here?:

Incorporate more outdoor running into my schedule. During the winter, that will be once a week. I have to gain confidence and skills for racing in less than optimal conditions. In spring, summer, and fall, I will bump up to twice a week (schedules and life permitting).

What’s next:

Race #2 is tomorrow, January 1. I’m running the Resolution Fun Run:

This will be an easy treadmill run. I’m sure I’ll still be sore from today’s race.

My resolution is to complete the two running challenges I’ve signed up for, seeing measurable progress with each passing race.


#GoTheDist2012 Recap

Last year this time, I set out to run/walk 650 miles. I had no idea how I would do it, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and made it public. I didn’t have a plan or a goal for the miles; I just wanted to complete them.

AND I DID! My final tally for 2012 is 680 miles!!!!!!!

WHY I DID: Getting the treadmill was a HUGE reason I was able to meet my goal. I lost any and all excuses for why I couldn’t exercise. Now, there were plenty of days when I ignored the treadmill and listened to the negative narrative in my head, but overall the treadmill was a godsend! The spreadsheet was another major factor in my success. Watching the percentages and playing the numbers game with my goals was a definite motivator. After a miserable Q3, and vague rumblings about quitting/giving up, I looked at the numbers and realized I could still do it, that the losses in Q3 could be offset by my kicka$$ Q1 & Q2, and just staying the course for Q4. 

WHAT WAS MISSING: What was missing from my successful completion of miles was a plan for them. I didn’t train for anything. I didn’t have any particular goal that completing the miles would help me accomplish. This was a problem because it meant that sometimes I just phoned it in to get them done.Actually, since Thanksgiving, I did have a goal and a plan: The Runner’s World Run Streak. I ran/walked at least one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve (today). I did feel more motivation to get my work in because it was part of a bigger plan.

WHAT COMES NEXT: stay tuned….

Full Cold Moon Dreamboard

Jamie Ridler asked: What comforts do you dream of?

I’m doing this on my phone, so my dreams will be in words, not pictures.

* dreaming and reading by the fireplace
*smell of soup and bread
* snuggles and quiet time with loved ones
* cozy reading chair w/ light, table, and blankets
* decluttered space
* the sauna after a hard workout
* a cozy bed w pillows and blankets

January will be busy–extra work shifts, R’s travel, kids’ activities resuming–so I want to remember to give myself these comforts. It’s easy to forget what brings me comfort when I’m always running. This will help remind me of what I need and give me a reason to seek them out. They are not a luxury, but a necessity for my soul.

March 2013 5k

I just signed up for my first IRL race-shamrocks & shenanigans 5k. It’s on March 10 and, truth be told, it will probably be my first outdoor race of the year. If it isn’t, great! But if it is, I’m not going to stress about it.

2013 Running & Fitness


Time goal: 5k–35:00 (or less) by the end of #13in2013.
I am currently running about 37:00-38:00 on the treadmill. If I continue training, as opposed to just working out, it’s achievable!

Mileage Goal: 625 miles.
It’s less than my 2012 goal, which I achieved, but I’m lowering it because I’m going for quality miles over quantity. I plan to do about 12 miles per week, which is 4 runs of 3 miles. This will vary depending on training plan, but on average, it should work out.

Personal Fitness:
This one is multifaceted. First, I will complete at least 104 strength training sessions. This can be a class, DVD workout, or following a written plan.

Second,I will complete the two challenges I’ve signed up for: 5 by the 5th & 13 5Ks in 2013.

Third, I will focus on spinning (& bike riding outside) for my cross-training.


On Thanksgiving I decided to participate in the Runner’s World Run Streak Challenge: run everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. With a treadmill in the basement, there can be no excuses. Everything was smooth sailing until yesterday: I overslept, was out of the house all morning, headachy and tired mid-afternoon, at my daughter’s school selling pizza all evening, and solo parenting for bedtime and son’s homework. In what I hope is a new way of being for me, I accepted the reality of the choppy sea, and completed my run walk anyway.

Not coincidentally yesterday I talked to my 12 yr old son about the challenge and that I had been going strong since the beginning. He was super encouraging, and when we came home from the school he reminded me that I needed to go downstairs. This was a HUGE motivator! I also let my 3 yr old stay up 30 minutes later so I could run walk. The world will not end because she went to bed at 9:30. 

Race #1–January Virtual Run

Virtual Race: Virtual 5k, 10k, Half Marathon


This is a virtual race put on by Moms RUN This Town, and it’s a great way to get me started! First, I’m not limited by Michigan weather. Second, I’m not constrained by basketball games, travel, playdates, etc. I will run when I can!

This race will also give me a good baseline for the year. Post-race, I will analyze speed, walk breaks, and splits.  I can expect to see improvement in one or more area each race.

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