2013 Running & Fitness


Time goal: 5k–35:00 (or less) by the end of #13in2013.
I am currently running about 37:00-38:00 on the treadmill. If I continue training, as opposed to just working out, it’s achievable!

Mileage Goal: 625 miles.
It’s less than my 2012 goal, which I achieved, but I’m lowering it because I’m going for quality miles over quantity. I plan to do about 12 miles per week, which is 4 runs of 3 miles. This will vary depending on training plan, but on average, it should work out.

Personal Fitness:
This one is multifaceted. First, I will complete at least 104 strength training sessions. This can be a class, DVD workout, or following a written plan.

Second,I will complete the two challenges I’ve signed up for: 5 by the 5th & 13 5Ks in 2013.

Third, I will focus on spinning (& bike riding outside) for my cross-training.


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