Destination: 2014

Dear Me:
Wow! You rocked it. 2013 was your year!! You are ready to take your 40s by storm.
Physically: Girl, you look great! Those 25 pounds you were lugging around have been kicked to the curb! And the next 20 are on their way out as well! You have the muscles and definition you’ve wanted for a long time.

You spent a year getting fitter, stronger, and faster. Your last 5k of the year was not your fastest, but it was a 10 minute improvement over 2012. You completed the #13in2013 5k challenge, and saw your time decrease significantly.

Strength training and toning are your new BFFs. You had to buy 2 additional kettleballs bc you outgrew the original. You have a strength card at the Y and its full! The classes you took changed your body in an amazing way!

Unfortunately this year you also suffered your first injury. No pain, no gain! And what you gained was inner strength to continue doing what you could (biking instead of running, increased strength and stretching, eating cleaner) while you healed.

Believe it or not, THAT was the easy part. The much harder part of honoring your body, learning to love your body, and be at one with your body had to do with food and eating.

Not eating when bored; not eating when stressed; not eating solely because it tastes good; considering how food makes you feel physically (NOT EMOTIONALLY) when deciding what to eat; taking time to make food a priority; making food and cooking a routine part of your day; becoming intentional about treats and desserts. These were all lessons you learned and practiced over and over and over again in 2013. There were times when it was a struggle and old habits resurfaced, but you continued to go in the right direction. Detours are ok, as long as we keep moving on the journey, and don’t allow them to lead us back to where we started.

When you chose the word BODY as your 2013 word of the year in December 2012, you made the right choice! You did something every single day to honor your word. Some days it was a lot (running 5k, intense strength training, clean eating, overnight fasting). Other days it was just getting enough sleep. The point is: taking care of and improving your body was top of mind each day.

Shopping for your Christmas gifts was so much fun this year. You got the clothes you’ve wanted for years and they look great on you!

You kept another promise to yourself: keeping a regular retightening schedule and maintaining your Sisterlocks. Yeah! Your hair looks great!

Keep going this year. Pushing your body farther and harder both inside and out.

40 and fabulous=you!

I’m so glad you decided to finally listen to me and DO IT! It was hard, tiring, frustrating, but oh so rewarding!

Yours forever,


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