Running reflections

I am finally beginning to see some progress in my treadmill running. I am consistently running for at least 25-30 minutes without walk breaks. When I do break, it’s for a minute or so and not at a snail’s pace.
My speed has also improved. I am running regularly at 5.0-5.3. Slowing down to/building up from 4.8 during warmup and cool down (&sometimes in between when I need a break).
I haven’t done sprint intervals yet this year because of my heel/lower leg twinges. I’m not bothered at my regular pace, but speeding up causes discomfort. So I will put off speedwork until I get my twinges under control.

I’m really liking the every other day running schedule. I feel stronger for each run or walk. The challenge now is to get a consistent workout on the non-running day. It will definitely be strength training, yoga, stretching, toning. I’ve just got to get in a rhythm. Paying for classes is not an option right now, so I’ve got to use the resources I already have–DVDs, weights, yoga supplies.

Choosing to see the silver lining in the storm cloud…my GERD is back and as strong as ever. It’s time once again for a total diet overhaul. I’m on medication, but the only way to truly alleviate the discomfort is by eliminating the trigger foods and being mindful of eating habits and patterns. I don’t want to be in pain anymore so I’ve done that. The bonus is that it should also help with my weight loss goal, which will in turn help with the GERD.


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