Numbers Don’t Lie

Well, sometimes they do. But in this case, they totally don’t!

My #TwitterRoadRace 5k times:

January 21, 2012       40:25

August 4, 2012           38:30

February 23, 2013      35:43

These were all done on my treadmill under the same conditions: dirty laundry room, kids & husband afoot, squeezed in during family life.

And, by George, I’ve gotten faster! My running has been more consistent, and I’ve been pushing myself a little more, and it shows. 

Until the weather breaks, I’ll be running on the treadmill–experimenting with incline, speed drills, distance/time goals. My 2013 goal of a 34:00 treadmill 5k is definitely achievable. Maybe not before I get outside, but by the time I come back in for late fall/winter training fer sure!

After my dismal performance on NYE, I hope to see similar progress on my outdoor running throughout the spring/summer/fall racing season. 


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