Week ONE Wrap-up: BAMR5k

My first week of the BAMR5k training went splendidly! I finished all of the workouts. Since I can currently run for at least 30 min (albeit at a snail’s pace), I used the run intervals as speed training, while running the walk intervals at my comfortable paces. I completed 2.4-2.6 miles during the 30 min workout, and then added on additional mileage to get me to at least 3.1. The additional mileage was either a slow run, an incline walk, or combination of both.

I used the cross training days mostly for concentrated strength training. I primarily used Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown DVD. I did one Nike Training Club workout, but those are a bit too hard right now. If they were just challenging I would stick with them, but being too hard means I’m sacrificing form and safety. I will come back to them when I’m stronger. I also did a 15 min. rowing session and a 30 min spin. 

NEXT WEEK: I will be using one of my Get Out of Jail Free cards on the Saturday workout, as I’ll be at a retreat. I will be increasing the treadmill incline to 0.5% for each workout. Walk=4.2-4.8; Run=5.2-5.4


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