Virtual race #3– Frosty 5k


This is my third race for the year. I will have done two in January and this one in February. I would love to see my time drop by at least one minute for this race.



Race recap #1–resolution fun run



An evening treadmill run.
Some pain in my left inner lower leg, only when running fast.
Ran for 33 minutes without walking!

Race #1–January Virtual Run

Virtual Race: Virtual 5k, 10k, Half Marathon


This is a virtual race put on by Moms RUN This Town, and it’s a great way to get me started! First, I’m not limited by Michigan weather. Second, I’m not constrained by basketball games, travel, playdates, etc. I will run when I can!

This race will also give me a good baseline for the year. Post-race, I will analyze speed, walk breaks, and splits.  I can expect to see improvement in one or more area each race.

13 5Ks in 2013

2013 is my year: It’s the last year 0f my 30s, it’s my last year with a kid at home full-time (kindergarten here we come!), and it’s the last year I will not be gainfully, intentionally employed. So, to celebrate those endings and get ready for all that’s to come, I’ve decided to train for and run 13 5k races.

I’ve been running and walking on and off this year, successfully completing my #gothedist goal of 600 miles for 2012. I also drastically reduced my inactive times between workouts from previous years. But I did not seen the body or speed changes I would have liked to. So, it’s time to do something different.

I don’t run as many races as I would like because well, I’m slow. I’ve had a hangup about my speed for a long time, and keep telling myself that I will work and train and THEN begin running races when I’m faster. Well, that time hasn’t come yet, and I don’t think it ever will. If I want to run races, then I need to run races. Faster or not.

I’m not just committing myself to this challenge de facto; I am committing myself in pleno. Meaning: I will be blogging, commenting, participating in the facebook group, and sharing this experience with family and friends.