SBBC Week 1: Workout, Water, & Freggies Roundup

SBBC Week 1 Points:

  • 3/4–40 min running; 20 min total body; water 7
  • 3/5–20 min core; 30 min spinning; 15 min rowing; water 7.5
  • 3/6–40 min running; 20 min core (incl WOW) 6
  • 3/7–20 min upper body; 20 min total body (incl WOW); water 5
  • 3/8–36 min running; 10 min core 4.5
  • 3/9–39 min running; 1 min plank 4
  • 3/10–5 min core (planks & abs from WOW) .5

The good: Working out! At least 4 points each day except Sunday, which will be my rest day.

The bad: Water! I reinstalled the Waterlogged app to remind and motivate me to drink more.

The ugly: Freggies! I can’t believe I didn’t have ONE day where I met the goal. That’s awful! I’ve got to incorporate them into breakfast to more evenly spread them throughout the day.

NEXT WEEK: 5 Water Days  & 2 Freggies Days. Also, complete my strength training BEFORE cardio during my two XT days and one scheduled workout day.



Week ONE Wrap-up: BAMR5k

My first week of the BAMR5k training went splendidly! I finished all of the workouts. Since I can currently run for at least 30 min (albeit at a snail’s pace), I used the run intervals as speed training, while running the walk intervals at my comfortable paces. I completed 2.4-2.6 miles during the 30 min workout, and then added on additional mileage to get me to at least 3.1. The additional mileage was either a slow run, an incline walk, or combination of both.

I used the cross training days mostly for concentrated strength training. I primarily used Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown DVD. I did one Nike Training Club workout, but those are a bit too hard right now. If they were just challenging I would stick with them, but being too hard means I’m sacrificing form and safety. I will come back to them when I’m stronger. I also did a 15 min. rowing session and a 30 min spin. 

NEXT WEEK: I will be using one of my Get Out of Jail Free cards on the Saturday workout, as I’ll be at a retreat. I will be increasing the treadmill incline to 0.5% for each workout. Walk=4.2-4.8; Run=5.2-5.4

Wishcasting Wednesday: How Do I Wish to Be Brave?

I Am Brave

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday, hosted by Jamie Ridler, and boy do I need this one!

Time for me to bring to life another wish. This time it’s about being brave. This is never I word I’ve used to describe myself. Ever! But, as I change my life and body, I need a huge dose of bravery. I need it to become part of who I am and how I live in the world.

I wish to be brave by:

  • believing and knowing that I am worthy.
  • believing and knowing that I am capable.
  • accepting rejection NOT internalizing rejection, and not using it as an excuse to retreat.
  • applying only for jobs that meet the criteria I have determined will work for me and the family. It might take longer, and I may have to change this strategy over time, but for now I have this luxury and I will honor and embrace it.
  • getting out of my own way and following the plans laid out for me regarding running and strength training.

February in Review

First, the numbers:
Running–42.1 mi; avg pace 12:43/mi; 12 runs
Spinning–46.9 mi
Weight (high)–191.4
Weight (low)–187.6
Weight (avg)–189.5
2 races for #13in2013: 
Tackle the Miles (2/3–36:21)
Twitter Road Race (2/23–35:43)

Second, how I feel:
I lost two weeks of training because I could not get out of my head. I let my emotional state get in the way of moving toward accomplishing my goals. Awareness=acceptance=change. My March goal is to not have more than a 2 consecutive day break in exercise.

I tried a DietBet this month. I didn’t win. I don’t know if I’ll do another.